Your Reading Sidekick.

Enhance Reading, Improve Comprehension, and Correct Mistakes with the Carrot Text-to-Speech application.

V1.0.0 Alpha

Reading Superpowers!

Carrot is more than just a text-to-speech application. It's your companion in the world of words, harnessing the power of spoken words. Easily catch spelling slip-ups and grammar quirks that escape conventional checks.

How it works?

Carrot simplifies text perfection effortlessly. Just select your text, press Ctrl + Space, and Carrot springs into action. It reads your text aloud, helping catch spelling slip-ups and grammar glitches that evade regular checks (like mistaking carrot for parrot).

Carrot Alpha Program

Join our alpha test program to experience Carrot firsthand. Download Carrot for free and help shape the future of Carrot!

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